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Seoul Day 4 - Learning political history in Sarangchae at Cheongwadae President Museum

Continuing the morning tour, we headed on to Sarangchae at Cheongwadae. Here, you can learn so much about Korea’s modern history. With various exhibitions that showcase Korea’s past presidents and their corresponding political policies, this is the place to visit for all you folks who love to keep up with governments.

facade of Sarangchae
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Fairly easy to reach from the Cheongwadae (Blue House), Sarangchae has two stories divided into several exhibition halls.

Upon entry, you will find yourself at the Republic of Korea Hall. This place will give you a quick introduction on Korean history and culture. Famous UNESCO heritage sights in Korea are illustrated in this area as well – with inclusions on the evolution of Korean currency across the years.

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At the Hi Seoul Hall, get to know a little more about Seoul – the capital city of Korea. Some things interesting here include a highlight of the city’s major attractions as well as video presentations to showcase them. For those showbiz and KPop fanatics, there’s also a feature on Korea’s most popular celebrities.

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Moving on to the second floor, we found ourselves at the Presidential Hall. I found this to be the most important exhibition in this place. I got to learn how each president contributed to the nation building of Korea until its present day. Oh yeah, you also get to have an insider’s view of the daily activities that the president does. Very interesting and amusing at the same time! There are several interactive displays and photo walls here too which made the place more fun to explore.

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so this is how it feels to be president

In the Green Growth Hall, there are some showcases that relate to the past and current policies of Korea in targeting to become a Greener nation. It was nice to see that the environment is included as a top priority in their policy decision making.

nice displays for Green Growth

We ended the tour of Sarangchae at the Global Leadership Hall. There was a replica here of the G20 Summit meeting table. It was an interactive hall wherein you get information on why Green Growth is truly important. A carbon map of the world is can also be found in this hall. It was nice to know which country actually leads in being Green.

the G20 Summit was held in Seoul last 2010

with my walking tour guide
For those looking for souvenirs, there’s a souvenir shop here where you can bring home a piece of Korea with you – especially if you are looking for Cheongwadae related merchandise or those that pertain to Korea’s president.

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9:00 – 18:00

Closed on Mondays

How to get here:
By Subway: Gyeongbokgung Palace Station (Line 3, Exit 4) and walk 800m north (about 12 minutes)
By Bus: Bus#8000 and get off at Cheongwadae Fountain Plaza Stop

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If you have some questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try my best to help you out.

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  1. " It was nice to see that the environment is included as a top priority in their policy decision making..."

    ~ YES Indeed ! :)...I wonder what policies does Korean government actually implement to become a greener nation... Anyway, more power to your advocacies Korea ! :)