Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beijing, China - 5 Days / 4 Nights Itinerary

During the Labor Day holidays, some colleagues and I went to Beijing, China for a well-deserved vacation.


It was my first time to visit the city and I found so many interesting things to do here. The experience was very much enjoyable due to the spring weather. It was very easy to explore around with the cool atmosphere. The city was filled with beautiful colors as well thanks to the sprouting greens and blooming flowers everywhere.


Another thing I appreciated about this city was the mixture of the past and present. Amidst the urban cityscape, there are so many things that are reminiscent of the city’s traditional history and culture. It was actually a pleasant surprise to experience these during my visit.


This is what our actual itinerary looked like. I tried my best to have this trip as chill and relaxing as possible by limiting the number of attractions to visit. My friends and I didn’t want to end up getting too tired from this vacation – like the ones we had before a few years back.

Day 1:
Learning about Chinese history and heritage at the Capital Museum
Reliving the Olympic spirit at the Olympic Sports Center

Day 2:
Exploring the vast complex of the Ming Tombs
Hiking around the Great Wall of China
Going through the street markets at Wangfujing

Day 3:
Enjoying the morning calm at the Temple of Heaven
Going through the hustle and bustle in the Forbidden City
Relaxing in the afternoon by the Summer Palace
Admiring the sunset at the National Center for Performaing Arts

Day 4:
Catching the Peach Blossom Festival at the Beijing Botanical Gardens
Viewing the city from the top at Jingshan Park
Strolling the shopping streets of Xidan

Day 5:
Experiencing serenity at the Confucius Temple
Walking through the famous Tiananmen Square
Last minute shopping at Xidan

I’ll be going into the details of my Beijing trip in the succeeding posts so watch out for it!



Which part of this itinerary did you like best so far? Tell me about it by commenting below or using the Contact button on the right. 

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