Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kichitora of Tokyo at SM Megamall

While strolling around Megamall, I chanced upon a standee showing an advertisement for Kichitora of Tokyo. I haven’t seen it the last time I was here so it’s definitely a new Japanese restaurant. Those two words – new and Japanese – blend very well in my decision making process of choosing a place to eat. I love Japanese cuisine and enjoy trying out new restaurants. A perfect combination!

2012-12-02 19.02f

So, when I met up with my family at the designated spot, I immediately suggested this restaurant for our dinner. Everyone agreed without hesitation so off we went to Kichitora of Tokyo’s location at the 2nd floor of the Mega Atrium. The restaurant is very easy to spot – right beside Mesa and opposite the famous Yabu: House of Katsu.

Upon arrival, we were lucky enough to get the last free table at the place.
As this is a ramen house, the menu mainly focused on it. There were a few other dishes thrown into the mix as well so don’t worry if you want variety.

2012-12-02 19.07e

A little trivia before I get to the food.  Do you know what Kichitora means? Well, if not, Kichi () means good fortune or lucky while tora () means tiger. Using this as the motif, the restaurant interiors and even the menu have tigers on it. A nice touch of class!

2012-12-02 19.02e

After just about 15 minutes (of course, they need time to prepare the food), our orders arrived.

First up is the Shoyu (醤油) Ramen or soy-based ramen. The broth has a mild soy taste – not too overpowering or salty like in some other ramen houses. The chicken pieces that served as toppings are just impeccable – easy to chew yet keeping a firm texture. Apart from that, the vegetables are fresh and cooked just right having that bit of crunch.

2012-12-02 19.18e
Shoyu Chicken Ramen

As we ordered the set menu, it came with Chashu Rice – tender slices of pork grilled to perfection atop Japanese rice sprinkled with strips of nori (dried seaweed). This dish is so savory you’d eat the whole bowl without leaving anything. Still, I had to take out the mountain of spring onions on top since I am not a fan of those.

2012-12-02 19.22e
Chashu Rice
Shoyu Chicken Ramen + Chashu Rice = 455 PHP

The next one is Paitan () Ramen or white soup ramen. This one is quite different as it tastes milky and creamy. It’s actually very delicious! Something new to my palette when it comes to ramen! Likewise, this came with the chicken pieces and vegetables as well.

2012-12-02 19.18f
Paitan Chicken Ramen

This order came with Gyouza (餃子) or Japanese pan-fried dumplings. I like how these have a light taste – not at all greasy. The wrapper also had a nice crunch when you bite into it. I’d recommend this side to any main dish that you get here. 

2012-12-02 19.24e
Paitan Chicken Ramen + Gyouza = 465 PHP

To complement the ramen dishes, we decided to add orders of Ajitama Boiled Egg (40 PHP) and Dried Seaweed (40 PHP).

I really enjoyed our time here and will definitely be back soon for either lunch or dinner!

TIP: Get here early as the place seems to be packed during the peak hours of lunch and dinner.


  1. Shoyu Chicken Ramen looks yummy! Ma try nga yan pag nakapag Mega ako next time!

  2. Daryl! I didn't know you kept a travel blog. Anyway, here are some resto suggestions:
    - Yedang, Metrowalk
    - Jang Ga Nae, behind UA&P
    - Little Tokyo, Makati (i specifically recommend Kagura and Urameshiya)
    - Mitsuyado Sei-men, Jupiter
    - Wrong Ramen, Burgos Circle
    - Haru, Kapitolyo
    - Subspace Coffee, Ortigas (just a coffee joint, but it's VERY photogenic)
    - Patisserie Kyo, Fort
    - Ukkokei Ramen Ron, Makati
    - Van Bene Pasta Deli, Petron Dasmarinas