Thursday, November 29, 2012

Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5

My family loves trying out new restaurants since we like tasting different types of food. I would like to emphasis on the word “tasting” since we are not really a family of big eaters. Rather, we just enjoy savouring flavors from various dishes.

One Sunday, we chanced upon Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5. It is located on the second floor near the connection towards Greenbelt 1. The restaurant seemed inviting with a cozy feel to it.  With that, it was decided that we were to have our dinner here tonight.

view of the restaurant from our seat

We were seated on the couch near the glass panels that were facing the mall. Great place for those who like to people watch if you ask me!

Browsing through their menu, there were lots of food choices – not to mention the variety of drinks as well.  It was kind of difficult to decide what to order so it took us quite a while. After reading each description on all the sections of their menu, the decision was finally made. Whew! That took around 10 minutes or so.

To start things off, we got the Garlic and Anchovy Affection. It is a simple appetizer of garlic bread topped with garlic cloves and as the name suggests – anchovies. Red and green peppers bits were sprinkled on top as well to give the dish more color.
The combination of garlic cloves and anchovy on bread was actually good. I enjoyed this dish even if it was on the salty side. However, since I am not a fan of bell peppers, I took the liberty of taking these out before diving in. 

Garlic and Anchovy Affection – 190 PHP

The main courses came short after. First off the list is the Garlic Snowflakes pizza. Topped with shrimps, pineapple chunks, and garlic, I am at a loss for words! It instantly became my favorite pizza. How can I describe it? Tastes a bit like Hawaiian but way better.

Garlic Snowflakes – 495 PHP

Up next, the meat dishes arrived at our table – the Mongolian Beef and the 40 Cloves Chicken. The sautéed beef was good. It had the right balance of sweet and salty – two things I like in a dish. Apart from that, the beef was tender and easy to chew. Plus points for that one! The sides of this dish – rice and vegetables – complimented the beef really well. As for the chicken, it was crispy on the outside but still juicy on the inside.  The bed of gravy made it even more special. Too bad this one did not come with any sides.

Mongolian Beef – 525 PHP

40 Cloves Chicken – 395 PHP

Then, there’s the pasta - Spaghetti  Parmesan. It looked plain and simple when it got to the table so I did not expect much. Nonetheless, my first impressions of it changed upon first bite. It was actually really good on its own – the saltiness of the parmesan did not overpower the cream sauce.

Spaghetti Parmesan – 450 PHP

I also had one of their signature Boba Drinks called Coco Yum. It was supposed to be taro flavored but it was not strong enough for me. I believe the coffee jelly placed as a topping was the suspect for that. I was not able to take a picture of this drink.

Overall, the dining experience here at Krazy Garlik is superb – food was great and I have no complaints about their service since the staff were very attentive. I found another place for casual dining with friends and family. One thing to note though is that the prices were on the upscale side of things as the servings did not come in large quantities.

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