Monday, October 13, 2014

Beijing Day 1 - Reliving the Olympic spirit at the Olympic Green

Still having plenty of daylight left, we headed on to the Olympic Green – the venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The vast complex is really grandeur. Spanning about 2,800 acres, the iconic structures which identify the place really stood out. Also, the wide open spaces can surely fit in thousands of patrons at any given time. A really nice place to explore!

Bird's Nest in daylight

The commute towards here is relatively easy. We just hopped on the subway, transferred a few lines, and a few minutes later got to the Olympic Sports Center station.  

Emerging from the station, we encountered so many people. Who would have thought that the crowds who visit the place are still aplenty after 5 years? Moving into the park proper, we were all at awe. The scene is just like in the television broadcasts of the games! Up close, the structures were truly fantastic – most especially the National Stadium more commonly known as the Bird’s Nest. This enormous stadium is where most of the games were held. In addition, it was the venue for both the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics.

National Stadium entrance

The clear blue skies above proved to be a beautiful backdrop too. Simply breathtaking!

We took a lot of photos here since we enjoyed the views so much. The only challenge we faced is finding a good spot where there aren’t that many people swarming around your back.

kite flying

There were also many merchants peddling good here – from children’s toys to Olympic memorabilia to food and drinks. A friend of mine got herself a long string of kites imprinted with the Beijing Olympic mascots. We had fun flying it since the winds were really strong that sunny spring day. Got some nice shots while kite flying at the side of the Bird’s Nest.

kite flying with the Bird's Nest as backdrop

The next one we went to in this complex is the National Aquatic Center. Also known as the Water Cube, this facility served as the venue for all water related sports during the games. It was really nice to see how this building was made from up close.

Water Cube at night

Walking towards the edge of the complex, we reached the LingLong Tower with its multi-colored lights already brightly shining. This structure served as the main broadcasting tower during the games where the media telecast their coverage. Standing at 132 meters, this structure is also the tallest one here at the complex.

golden LingLong tower

As it was nighttime when we finished exploring the whole place, all the popular facilities lit up really nicely. Everything still looked pretty awesome at night! The vibe each one gives is quite different as well. Just let the photos do most of the explaining.

National Sports Center at night

Bird's Nest at night

Our visit here was really a great experience. Though we did not enter each of the facilities, taking everything in from the outside was definitely enough to awaken the Olympic spirit from 5 years back. A must see attraction I must say for all those who are planning to visit Beijing. It’s something not to miss! 

How to get here:
Take Line 8 of the subway network and alight at Olympic Green Station. Alternatively, you can alight at Olympic Sports Center.

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