Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hong Kong Day 4 - Joining in prayer at the Chi Lin Nunnery

Strolling around Nan Lian Garden was such a therapeutic and relaxing experience. To add a bit more to the serene feeling, we ventured next to Chi Lin Nunnery just across the garden. You don’t even need to trouble yourself with crossing the street as there is a footbridge that connects both places. Very convenient!

temple grounds

Being a Buddhist temple, there are scheduled prayers and ceremonies at this place. Nonetheless, it openly welcomes guests who want to feel a sense of calm to enter its grounds – provided you don’t disturb the peace of the area. So, definitely no shouting and making loud noises! Actually, just a few moments after we got here, a ceremony started with some nuns chanting prayers in the large temple hall. It brought about a nicer ambience which made us experience more of what the place has to offer.  
entrance hallway

This vast complex includes several temple halls, a courtyard with lotus ponds, and a nunnery. 

serene lotus ponds

We took a moment gazing at the calm lotus ponds with gentle flowing waters. Then, just quickly took a look at the different bonsai trees being displayed at the same area. I enjoyed how the combinations of plants located here complement each other. They were really nice to look at!

beautiful bonsai at the courtyard

Afterwards, we went ahead into the several temple halls where we offered a few prayers and asked for some blessings. The temple grounds were really quiet so you can concentrate and do some meditation here for quite some time.

main temple hall

Upon completing the rounds among the different halls, we went back into the courtyard overlooking the Nan Lian Garden to see the magnificent views for one last time before departing.

view of Nan Lian Garden from Chi Lin Nunnery

Our experience here certainly was a good one! We enjoyed the place so much that we almost took more than an hour walking around without even noticing it. This is one place worth visiting if you happen to drop by Hong Kong. Best thing is that the experience is free as there is no entrance fee being charged to visitors. Just be mindful not to cause any commotion that might be considered disrespectful or rude to the grounds.

How to get here:
Take the Green Line until Diamond Hill Station and proceed to Exit C2.
Follow the marked signs that will lead you to Nan Lian Garden. Just across you will find the Chi Lin Nunnery.

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