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Hong Kong Day 1 – Bargain hunting at Mongkok

When you’re in Hong Kong, you better prepare some cash (or your credit card, if you like the more expensive stuff) for shopping. There are literally hundreds of stores selling almost anything that anyone would fancy here!

One such place to find good bargains is Mongkok. Located at the Kowloon side, this place has a wide array of selections to choose from – from high-end shopping malls to street markets. Simply pick a street to start from and explore the numerous possibilities!

the busy streets of Mongkok
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So, after going around Hong Kong Disneyland for the day, we ended up going here for the night.
To help you out on your quest for great bargains, I’ll tell you more about the more famous areas I went to in this place.

First off, there’s Sai Yeung Choi St. South. Want the latest gadgets at very reasonable prices? Then, this is the street for you! With both sides of the street lined with numerous electronics stores (better look at basements and upper floors as well), it’s up to you to decide where to purchase what you want.

Sai Yeung Choi St. South
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Apart from that, there are also some clothing stores here. Samples of which include Giordano, Baleno, Bossini, and G2000 among others. There’s even an Esprit outlet hidden amidst the electronics stores.

Then, there’s Tung Choi St. – more known as Ladies’ Market. There are so many bargain stalls here selling a whole range of products. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest starting from one end of the street at Mong Kok Road (near the MTR station) and make your way to the other end.

the many bargain stalls along Ladies' Market
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As with its name, most of the items sold here are catered for women – shoes, bags, and accessories. However, other things like Hong Kong souvenir items, watches, and children’s toys are also up for grabs in this street.

they sell everything and anything here at Ladies' Market
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TIP: Remember to compare prices between stalls and bargain your way through to get the best deals in this street.

For those avid sports folks, you might want to check out Fa Yuen St. South. Stores here offer sportswear, sporting equipment, and other sporting goods at reasonable prices. On Fa Yuen St. North, you’d see trendy fashion items and casual wear for men, women, and children at very affordable prices. So don’t miss out on this one!

the endless sporting goods street of Fa Yuen
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TIP: A little knowledge of Chinese can go a long way here in Mongkok for your benefit – especially when haggling with the vendors.

If street shopping is not your thing, don’t worry. Mongkok has quite a lot of shopping malls as well. The most prominent of which are Langham Place and Grand Plaza.

With over 13 floors and 2 basement floors, Langham Place surely will not disappoint you. There are international as well as local brands here. Some of the more famous ones are H&M, Armani Exchange, i.t, Bauhaus, and Fred Perry among others. Be prepared to spend though as many of the items the stores sell here are bordering on the luxurious side – well, that’s what the credit card is for right?

beautiful atrium of the Langham Place mall
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At Grand Plaza, you’ll hit it up with stores like the Japanese brand collect point and the Australian brand Cotton On. There’s also the American brand GAP across the street from here.

facade of the Grand Plaza mall
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I didn’t even realize that is was already getting late. There were so many things to distract you that it makes you lose the sense of time – there are also some art performers in this area as well. A friendly reminder that it was almost midnight came in the form of this: the stores were already closing down. That signalled the end of this first day here at Hong Kong for this trip.

a thematic performance by a local artist on the street

It was certainly a fun-filled and fulfilling day for me!

How to get here:
MTR: Mongkok Station

What are your thoughts on Mongkok? Did this post make you want to go and visit it too? Tell me about it by commenting below or using the Contact button on the right.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try my best to help you out.

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  1. I wish I knew all this when I went to HK last year. Thanks for the info! Definitely helpful for the next trip. :)

  2. Hi! I'm from Philippines, I just wanna know how much did you spend for your trip in hongkong? by the way, nice post I read some of your articles. I really like the Restaurant Reviews.

    1. Pinoy Social, thanks! Glad to know you enjoyed the posts.

      If you are a budget traveler, I'm guessing around 15-20k all-in will be enough - that includes a little bit of shopping too.