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Seoul Day 2 – Viewing Seoul from N Seoul Tower

After completing my traditional hanok village experience, I was set on going to my next destination, the N Seoul Tower. Awhile back, I was actually thinking whether or not to proceed to the tower as it was raining that day. Fortunately, the skies cleared up late that afternoon which made for an easy decision to go on with the initial plan.

N Seoul Tower

It was fairly easy to get to N Seoul Tower from where I was – just one bus ride away (I chose the cheapest mode of transportation). From the main gate of Namsangol Hanok Village, I walked to the bus stop located just a few meters away from Chungmuro Station Exit 2 – you won’t miss this one. I simply had to wait for Bus No. 5 to pass by and ride it until we reach the top of Mt. Namsan. By the way, this bus is very easy to spot since it is yellow in color.

Namsan Bus No. 05
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If you are willing to splurge a little and get a more scenic view while going to N Seoul Tower, you might want to try out the cable car. It’s supposed to give you a beautiful panoramic view of Seoul.

The bus ride took about 15 minutes or so to get to the destination. From the bus stop here, it was a short walk uphill towards the actual N Seoul Tower area. At first, I thought it was a fairly easy. 
However, the road soon became steeper midway. The road leading to the tower was quite slippery as well due to the downpour earlier that day. I had to focus on planting my feet on the ground lest I want to tumble down. When I got to the top, I was already catching my breath.

the uphill climb

I first went to the Rooftop Terrace to enjoy the scenic views of Seoul. I found it to be really breathtaking! You can also appreciate the beauty of the nature that surrounds Mt. Namsan at this point. It’s like having an oasis within the urban landscape. More so, I enjoyed the cold breeze here as it was very refreshing!

colorful view from the Rooftop Terrace

Another attraction at the Rooftop Terrace which never fails to catch everyone’s attention is Locks of Love. There are literally thousands of locks that line the fences surrounding this place.

hundreds of love locks

Actually, some were already like walls since the locks are so near each other that you can’t see what’s on the other side. All of these locks were left here as testaments to the unfailing and unwavering love of thousands of couples. As the saying goes here, if you leave a lock with your partner and throw away the key, your love for each other will locked forever. 

love locks wall

Oh yeah, some of the locks were even made to resemble trees. All of them were neatly lined up at the base of the tower.

love locks trees

There were many cute benches here as well. Each one had a different illustration but all revolve on the single theme. You guessed it! LOVE. I had fun checking out all of them!

one of the cute benches

As for the tower, it was another sight to look at. Standing here at its base, it seems more imposing than if seen from a distance.

N Seoul Tower at dusk

Apparently, this is Korea’s first general radio wave tower. Since 1969, it has been providing the city of Seoul both TV and radio broadcasting – such a long history! I find it amazing that the structure is so well maintained throughout all these years. No wonder it was selected as one of the 51 Seoul Design Assets last 2009! Clearly, this is something I’d like to see happen with my own country’s infrastructures.

A few steps away from the tower is Palgakjeong Pavillion. This octagonal structure serves as a good resting spot for those with weary feet. From here, you can get a nice view of Namsan Park and its surroundings – you might want to ponder on some things while sitting here too.

watching the sunset from Palgakjeong Pavillion

The Bonghwadae (Beacon Mound) is a notable historical site in this place. Used to report news from local governments to the central government during the Joseon Dynasty, these 5 beacons utilized a 5-signal system. Placed at the top of Mt. Namsan, it provided a very strategic approach in relaying messages during the height of those times.

signals at the Bonghwadae

For nature lovers, there are several walking trails around Mt. Namsan. Hikers can definitely enjoy these! As I did not anymore have the energy, I was not able to try any of these trails.  

At nightfall, the tower lights up using the latest technology of LED. More so, there’s a light show here which attracts a lot of tourists wanting to witness colorful and playful displays.

N Seoul Tower at night

Other things you can find inside the tower are several restaurants, gift and souvenir shops, the entrance to the observatory, and the famous Teddy Bear Museum.

towards the Observatory

Teddy Bear Museum entrance
Won't you agree that the N Seoul Tower is a perfect place to spend the late afternoon or early evening? Perhaps you've been here too? Tell me about your experiences by commenting below or by using the Contact button on the right.

Up next, my historical discoveries at the Changdeokgung Palace.

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